What is the best way to book an appointment or ask a question?
Use the contact form or email. We will be in touch as soon as possible!
How long will it take to get media for my listing?
Depending on the services requested, times may vary, but all turnaround times will be less than 36 hours.
How are photos delivered?
Photos will be on Pixieset, a photo gallery and delivery service, and a link will be provided via email. If there are any technical difficulties, Google Drive is also an option.
What are the payment options?
Cash. check, Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, Apple Pay are all accepted. Pixieset also has payment options.
How should I prepare the listing for photos?
Open all blinds, turn on all lights. Beds should be made and rooms should be presentable, hide clutter if possible or necessary.
Is it okay if it's cloudy and / or raining?
Drone photography will likely need to be rescheduled if raining and windy, exterior pictures may need to be rescheduled. For interior photos and services, there will be no problem!
Are all areas approved for drone photography?
For most areas, there is no problem! Some areas, especially around airports are restricted. But, there are day permits available for certain situations. 
How accurate are floor plan measurements?
Floor plan measurements are around 98% accurate. Laser measurements are also an option, but there is an added fee based on the size of the house.
Are there any discounts available?
Yes! ALL services are discounted with our first time working together.

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